Radioactivists: Protest and Discourse in Japan Since Fukushima


Radioactivists: Protest and Discourse in Japan Since Fukushima

Germany/Japan, 2011. Courtesy of Ginger and Blonde Productions

Directors/Producers/Cinematographers: Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel  Additional photography: Arseny Rossikhin  Editor: Clarissa Seidel  Music: Junsuke Kondo, We Want Wine, ECD


監督/制作/撮影: Julia Leser & Clarissa Seidel  撮影: Arseny Rossikhin  編集: Clarissa Seidel  音楽: Junsuke Kondo, We Want Wine, ECD

When the triple catastrophe hit on 3/11, Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel were in Tokyo and began covering the evolving antinuclear movement so as to provide a contrast to the mass media coverage. Although completed before the largest demonstrations took place after June, this film presents one of the first in-depth looks at today's "historical chance for change," featuring Japanese intellectuals, sociologists, scientists and antinuclear activists commenting insightfully on the events and effects of the disaster.






Ashes to Honey



Japan, 2009. Courtesy of 
Group Gendai Films Co., Ltd. and Hitomi Kamanaka

Director: Hitomi Kamanaka  Producer: Shukichi Koizumi
  Photography: Makiko Iwata
  Music: Shing02


監督: 鎌仲ひとみ  制作: 小泉修吉  撮影: 岩田まき子 音楽: Shing02

Ashes to Honey, the third film on the global nuclear issue from acclaimed director Hitomi Kamanaka, focuses on the isolated, heart-shaped island of Iwaishima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where residents have been fighting the construction of a nuclear power plant for nearly 30 years. Ms. Kamanaka will share clips from this and other films as she engages us in a conversation about nuclear power, the media and sustainable models of alternative energy.






Pray for Japan


Pray for Japan   心を一つに

Japan/US, 2012. Courtesy of Stu Levy

Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Stu Levy  Editors: Emiko Kagawa, Susumu Kimura, Nobuo Mita, Noriko Miyakawa  Music: Shinya Mizoguchi, M's Japan Orchestra  Narration: Kyoka Suzuki


監督/制作/撮影: スチュウ・リービー 編集: Emiko Kagawa, Susumu Kimura, Nobuo Mita, Noriko Miyakawa  音楽:  Shinya Mizoguchi, M's Japan Orchestra  語り: 鈴木京香

Stu Levy, founder of Tokyopop, rushed to Tohoku to help with rescue operations after the devastating 3/11 quake and tsunami. Over a period of 6 weeks, he shot this moving documentary in the coastal community of Ishinomaki, where victims and volunteers work side by side to help the region recover. No matter how difficult or insurmountable the challenges they face, these real-life heroes demonstrate their vitality and commitment to moving forward.






Light Up Nippon


Light Up Nippon

Japan, 2011. Courtesy of
 The Japan Foundation

Director: Kensaku Kakimoto  Producer: Atsuki Yukawa  Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto


監督: 柿本ケンサク  制作: 湯川篤毅 音楽:坂本龍一  制作:LIGHT UP NIPPON プロジェクト実行委員会

This colorful documentary, with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, sends a message to the world that the Japanese are determined to recover from the 3/11 disaster. We follow a young volunteer who decides the hard-hit prefectures in Tohoku should un-cancel their traditional summer fireworks festivals. He is met with rather surprising support and effort, considering the challenges, but it's no easy task to coordinate a lightup across hundreds of kilometers for a single night of hope.









Japan, 2011. Courtesy of KIR

Director: Yukihiro Shoda  Executive Producer: Mike DeMille  Coproducers: Jamie Holland, Pasha Alpeyev  Cinematography: Ryoken Okamura  Music: Yuuki Ono  Cast: Yume Kitano, Tetsuya Oda, Risa Watanabe


監督: ショウダユキヒロ  エグゼクティブ制作: Mike DeMille  制作: Jamie Holland, Pasha Alpeyev  撮影: Ryoken Okamura  音楽: Yuuki Ono  出演: Yume Kitano, Tetsuya Oda, Risa Watanabe

In a parallel universe, Japan suffers a nuclear crisis that is more severe than its real-world counterpart, making fallout readings a necessary part of the weather forecast and gas masks as ubiquitous as Vuitton bags. What is it like to view the morning commute from behind a faceplate? This gorgeous, surreal film brings to life the lurking menace of radiation.






The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom



USA, 2011. Courtesy of Lucy Walker

Director: Lucy Walker  Producers: Kira Carstensen, Lucy Walker  Executive producers: Tim Case, Charles V. Salice  Photography: Aaron Phillips  Editor: Aki Mizutani  Music: Moby


監督: ルーシー・ウォーカー  制作: キラ・カーステンセン、ルーシー・ウォーカー  撮影: アーロン・フィリップス  編集: みずたにあき  音楽: Moby 

A stunning visual poem about the ephemeral nature of life and the healing power of Japan's most beloved flower, this Oscar-nominated documentary reminds us that "beauty and terror always exist in nature." Award-winning British filmmaker Lucy Walker (Waste Land, Countdown to Zero), takes us to the areas hardest hit by 3/11 shortly after the tragedy, when the survivors are attempting to come to grips with the disaster. Then Japan's vaunted cherry blossom season begins, and hope is reborn.






Living in the Wake of 311


3・11 後を生きる

Japan, 2012. Courtesy of 
Chikasyu Productions Inc. and Twins Japan Inc.

Director/Producer: Hideo Nakata  Cinematographers: Hideo Nakata, Tetsuro Sano  Editor: Nobuyuki Takahashi, Takao Yamanaka  Music: Kenji Kawai


監督、制作、撮影: 中田秀夫, さのてつろう  編集: 高橋信之, 山中貴夫  音楽: 川井憲次

The renowned director of horror films (Ring series, Dark Water, Chat Room) finds inspiration after the tragedy of 3/11 through the true stories of survivors along the coast in Iwate, including a gravestone engraver, a beloved teacher's widower, a disabled woman and a young fisherman who has lost his parents, wife and two children. Nakata follows them as they gradually find ways to cope with overwhelming loss, culminating in a paean of sorts to the sea — which both gives life and takes it away.